Meet Our Board

Chris Nicol-Chairperson, Kilt-Run

Aum Nicol-Secretary, Website, Special Events

Sydney Fletcher-Vendors

James Fletcher-Volunteers

Bill Popek-Facilities, Entertainment Tent

Marg Popek-Watchorn (left) Vice-Chair, Facilities, Aum Nicol (middle)

Ellie Scorgie-Treasurer

Nicolas Plante-Sponsorship

Cordell Nelson-GP & District Pipes and Drums Liaison

Members (Pictures Coming):

-Janis Schau-Steinke-Dance Liaison

-Breanna Gordon-Game Day Events

-Kelly Coney- Advisory

-Shaundra Siebert-Sponsor Advisor


New Members Welcome!

Positions to fill-Advertising, Website

Join Us!

Kyle McDonald-Scottish Athletics

Craig Cruikshank-SCA,

Medieval Faire

Linnea Fletcher-Special Events

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