Scottish Athletics 

The origins of the Highland Games began with King Malcolm's athletic competitions. Today, the Scottish Heavy Events worldwide embodies what the games are all about-demonstrations of strength and power and are a must to see here in Grande Prairie. The athletic events include the Sheaf Toss, Caber Toss, Stone Put, Hammer Throw, Light Weight Throw, Heavy Weight Throw, Weight for Height, and Weight For Distance. Click on the caber toss cartoon to learn more about each skill.

We are eager to showcase the male and female athletes who have come from Scotland, the United States, and, of course, Canada! Come cheer them on and be amazed at their sheer strength and talent! Hover over the photo and check out the athletes' bios.

Damien Fisher-
USA Returning Champion-
Ferndale, Washington
Lorne Colthart-
Blair Atholl, Scotland
Jason McDonald
Winnipeg, Manitoba

Isaac Burchett-Warrensburg, Missouri

Emily Hilty
Female Athlete-USA

Rob Young-

Calgary, Alberta

Jeff Kaste, 


New Hampshire

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